Fantasy Football Season Review 2019/2020

Firstly apologies, I stopped posting early last year because I was being lazy and basically ran away in my leagues. Covid 19 popped up and yeah.. it kinda knocked everyone for 6.

I’ll be trying extra hard to be more consistent this season. Consistency they say makes a sweeter cake. I’m not that to excited for the season because of restrictions and lockdown and covid and no fans. I myself have taken a dislike to football without the fans, to me it just feels like pure couch entertainment now.

I am however excited for Arsenal this season. We look active in the transfer market, and such a strong end to last season with the F.A Cup win poured more ARTEKKERS optimism into my self.

Anyways to the point of this revival post. A review of my season.

My season ended with my 2nd highest point total since starting this crackhead game in the 2012/13 season.

I scored 2204 for my total points placing me in the top 200,000 players in a game that has over 3 million players. I am not too dissapointed as I dropped off and nglected atleast 6 game weeks this season. Even so I finished with my second highest point total. This season I am managing two leagues.

I am running a private league in line with my blog this season.

The league details are as follows; JOIN!! There will be a prize for top 2 teams at the end of the season.

League Code: 6isxgu

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2019/20 2204 277271

Game week 24 Preview – Fantasy Football

Game week 23 review  

Not a great start to the year for me at all. I scored a measly 35 points. Way below the average of 44. I think this is only the 3rd time this season I have dropped below average. No bragging rights for me among my fantasy football peers. Biggest disappointments were Sterling, KDB (Captain) and Vardy who missed a penalty…  

Sterling keeps blanking, he needs to go but I have no clue on who to change him with yet. He’s still top 6 in the midfield charts but for his price I am expecting just that more.  

Ramsdale did okay and got save points, Bournemouth were unlucky with having to play with 10 men for most of the game and did well to keep the goals down.  

Screen Shot 2020-01-20 at 15.01.19 


I have brought in Rice for Dedoncker as its double game week for Liverpool and West Ham. I will be activating my January wildcard for game week 24. 


Mane this week as I expect him to get some points and is on a double game week. Would rather Salah as he is hitting form but Mane is still getting loads of chances in front of goal. I have also activated triple captain to maximise this opportunity of a double game week and Liverpool having favourable fixtures.  

The Team  

Full of double game week players! I may regret Ogbonna as they got free scoring Liverpool for their extra game. Just hoping he can do something against Leicester at least. Same for Declan Rice.  

Screen Shot 2020-01-21 at 12.42.04

Game Week 23 Preview – Fantasy Football

Game week 22 review  

Another crappy week. Scored 56 points which was a point below average. Been slipping recently and this weeks showing was pretty much down to Sterling not starting and Ramsdale suffering a freak injury in training before the Bournemouth game. I was so tempted to play the January wild card this week, but I will keep faith in Ramsdale and Sterling till next week anyway. Maupay is also a lucky guy because he would also of faced a wild card axe. I am getting a bit anal with not using my boosts now. Needs to be done soon.  

Screen Shot 2020-01-15 at 21.02.40


I made a quick transfer and brought in Ogbonna for Kelly. This is purely in preparation for West Ham’s upcoming double game week. I now have 3 Liverpool players and one West Ham player. Think I will keep it like this to be honest. I need to use this up coming transfer wisely as there are a few areas in my team that need a looking at. Ramsdale, Sterling and Maupay. I want Calvin Lewis to replace Maupay eventually.  


KDB this week, purely due to Man City’s form against Aston Villa this weak and the strength of their opposition.  

The Team  

Mixed up the defence as I don’t think Sheffeld United or Liverpool will keep a clean sheet against Arsenal and Man United respectively. Lets hope the mix and match pays off. The price of my team is drastically lowering. I need Sterling to hit form, I have shown faith most to him in my team for an under performer. Abraham just does enough.  

Screen Shot 2020-01-15 at 21.04.06

Gameweek 22 Preview – Fantasy Football

Game week 21 review  

Not had the best of weeks! Firstly I bloody wasted 1 outta 2 transfers I had saved over on Sidibe (or I thought I had.. Will get to this later in the transfer section). He had Man City and well Everton got smoked. Good fixtures to come ahead for the scousey blues (kmt.. You will know why I am kissing my teeth later).  

Screen Shot 2020-01-10 at 18.58.47 


I rushed my transfer and took out Sidibe for Joe Gomez. Was half thinking of the Liverpool double game week approaching but also panicked from Everton’s result against City. Not thinking ahead that now Everton have a good run of fixtures and Sidibes price went up which I would of benefited from… KMT.  

Anyways its done now, I expect Gomez’s price to continue to rise because of the double game week however I missed out on a 0.2 price rise of I got him earlier. You win some you lose some. 


It was between Vardy and KDB due to favourable fixtures. I’ve gone for Vardy due to Leicester being at home and against Southampton. Though they have been climbing the table this has been largly down to Ings having form like Vardy, this wont last forever and I expect them to draw blank against Leicester this week. Vardy has had a good rest to, missing the last couple game weeks. KDB as vice.  

 The Team  

This weeks team, relying heavily on Sheffield and Liverpool’s defence to get me clean sheets. I am hoping Maupay and Ramsdale pay me back for the faith I have had in them. Especially you Ramsdale.  

Screen Shot 2020-01-10 at 18.59.27

A Prayer Before Dawn – Review

I came across A Prayer Before Dawn through a podcast on Youtube between True Geordie and William Moore (Billy Moore). I clicked on the video as it had a caption around martial arts and fighting, things I am very much interested in. So I clicked, watched and was immediately drawn into the fascinating life of Billy Moore. A young man who found himself banged up abroad. There’s a lot to dissect from the podcast so I suggest people have a watch. Just hit in Google “True Geordie and Billy More”. The podcast explores his life as a young boxer and adapting to Muay Thai whilst living in Thailand.  A core talking point in the video is the motion film based on his life whilst incarcerated in one of Thailand’s worst prison. This is where things got real interesting.  

The movie is based of Billy’s book A Prayer Before Dawn but does not follow it to a T. The movie itself however is a tremendous account on the reality of many people locked up in Thailand, the risk of foreigners playing cowboy in different countries and how fighting but boxing in particular can impact a persons life in positive ways even in hellish environments. I have not read the book yet but will be following the movie. If the saying ‘the book is always better then the movie’ then I am in for a real treat.  

The film from start to finish is a rollercoaster of violence, emotion, pain and change. Following a young man battle with drug addiction in the harshest of conditions is one thing, but seeing the traps that he falls into that spiral into a world of chaos is more hard. The film is captivating and does not glamourize martial arts as many of these films centred on violence can do. Instead it throws the audience in the ring and brings light to the fascinating world of traditional Muay Thai along with its beautiful traditions.  

If you are a fight fan you will love this movie, if you have been affected by addiction you will be inspired by this movie, if you are going to travel to Thailand anytime soon you will gain the most from this movie. Jokes aside this was one of the best films I have seen this year and to think it came out in 2017 I am a bit upset I discovered it this late. Jean-Stéphane Sauvaire does a fantastic job directing the film and Joe Cole (might know him from Peaky Blinders) continues his aggressive and impulsive character famously seen on the hit TV show; Peaky Blinders. The film premiered at the Cannes Film Festival and has received credible reviews from both audiences and film critics. The latter I couldn’t care less about however films previewed at Cannes should always make you take notice.   


Rating: 9/10  

Fantasy Football Gameweek 18 preview

Game week 17 review  

Great week and a good comeback from last weeks average showing. My defence did pretty well this week. Collecting 4 clean sheets with Lundstram also bagging an assist. Baldock continues to gather points, he is becoming one of my buy’s of the season as his price also continues to increase. Losing patience with Ayew though, I really did make a bad decision in picking him over defensive Palace options a few weeks ago. I will give him a last chance for GW18 as my bench is needed but after that I will be selling if I see no returns. Traore trolled me on the bench but you win some lose some, he’s goal should see the flock run to him and I am hoping for a price hike on him. 

A total of 80 points this week, made the wrong choice with Vardy as captain but not too much of a loss. De Bruyne killed it, hats off to anyone who selected him as captain.  

Screen Shot 2019-12-20 at 22.00.19


First time I am carrying over a transfer this season. To be honest I am happy with my team. I was building my bench ahead of the blank game week for Liverpool and I am pretty happy with benching Mane and TAA for the investments I have made on my bench. I should have really transferred out Mane before his price drop but I still don’t know how to do that without really losing out on money as I bought him when he was cheaper.   


A hard one this week as Liverpool are not playing and Chelsea got Spurs whilst City have Leicester which is sure to be a tough game but have goals. I’ve gone for De Bruyne based off the last game and Pep starting him higher up the pitch apart of the front 3 for City. Vardy is another option as he has great returns against top 6 and well against everyone this season. 

The Team  

This weeks team, I’m chancing it a bit but hope to come out on top of a lot of players with heavy Liverpool investments and a crappy bench.  

Screen Shot 2019-12-20 at 22.00.54

Fantasy Football Game week 17 preview

Game week 16 review  

Not a great week, hit the average points of 54 which brought me down in the overall leader boards as well as a few personal leagues. My bench is looking really strong now in preparation for the blank game week 19 for Liverpool. I don’t want to sell Arnold or Mane so they will be placed on the bench. Ayew just isn’t getting me returns, he was a risk as I should of invested in Palace defence not their attack which they seem not to be scoring many goals at all even though Ayew plays as the loan striker. Vardy has another party, he is indispensable at the moment. Mane was rested but I expect him to be back for Game week 17. Given that I have been working on my bench it worked out good that he didn’t play as Baldock came on in his place for some good points in 14.  

 Screen Shot 2019-12-12 at 22.13.36


Went early again this week. Timori didn’t play for Chelsea this weekend and they lost badly to Everton. I expect him to start this week but I don’t want to miss out on Palace’s defence points as I have the past 2 weeks! Putting my trust in Ayew is not enough so I have swapped Timori for Kelly whilst adding some money to the bank.  


It’s a Vardy Party. It was a hard choice due to Liverpool’s fixture though. May change to Mane last minute.  

The Team  

This weeks team as follows, I hope to get major points this week. Need to make up for last week.  

Screen Shot 2019-12-12 at 22.16.10

Fantasy Football Game week 16 preview

Game week 15 review  

On time this time! Told you I’d improve. I am a bit pissed off this week because my bench did better then my starting 11. Traore from Wolves returned 3 whereas his team mate Dendoncker who sat 3rd on my subs bench hauled 11 points. Rico also got 8 points however I suspect this to be review or so it should be as he got clean sheet points when Bournemouth lost 1-0 to Palace. Leads me on to Ayew who comes on for Chilwell as he didn’t start which also pissed me off as Leicester grabbed the clean sheet. Vardy got yellowed after another useless use of VAR by Premier League officials. Should of got a penalty at least. My decision to keep faith in Vardy didn’t do much harm to my personal league standings however overall I have dropped ranking and Mane would have proved the opposite.  

Screen Shot 2019-12-12 at 15.32.28

Screen Shot 2019-12-12 at 15.33.37


Went early this week and made my transfer on Tuesday night. I have swapped Rico for Timori to continue to improve my bench during this busy festive period. I need to find out if I can carry my wild card boost to the end of the season. If someone could let me know I would appreciate it.  


Vardy for sure, man to punish manager-less Watford. In picking my captain I am having a look a bookies odds on likely scorers in their matches. The odds for Vardy to score at anytime are a tasty 4/6. 

The Team  

I got Timori, Baldock and Dedoncker on the bench.  

Screen Shot 2019-12-12 at 15.40.39

Fantasy Football Game week 15 preview

Game week 14 review  

Apologies for the lateness in posting this, it would be great if I posted previews BEFORE the game week actually starts but hey you live you learn (I’ll do better I promise). December is going to be busy. A decent game week, scored above average but Traore and my defence let me down. No clean sheets for Liverpool, Sheffield or Leicester. Arnold came through with assists but you man with VVD were .. cough cough lucky. My choice to choose Vardy as captain over Mane saved me to be honest. 

Screen Shot 2019-12-03 at 16.33.47


This week I went for a risk but I do need to continue to improve my bench. I have transferred in Greenwood for Ayew. Crystal Palace have amazing fixtures up until the new year when they face Manchester City. I am hoping his price increases during their good run of fixtures.  

Crystal Palace next 7 fixtures  

  • Bournemouth (H)  
  • Watford (A)  
  • Brighton (H)  
  • Newcastle (A) 
  • West Ham (H)  
  • Southampton (A)  
  • Norwich (A)  


Vardy for sure, man to punish manager-less Watford. In picking my captain I am having a look a bookies odds on likely scorers in their matches. The odds for Vardy to score at anytime are a tasty 4/6. 

The Team  

I have Ayew on the bench in case by a slim chance Abraham starts. 

Screen Shot 2019-12-03 at 16.28.53

Fantasy Football Gameweek 14 Preview

Game week 13 review  

Great point hall return in game week 13. Rico let me down with Bournemouth both losing and conceding. Vardy would have got me more points as captain but Mane did not dissapoint. My focus is improving my bench this week, fixtures are favourable but I do have a captain dilema.  

I got a total of 64 points which took me quiet a bit above the average. Green arrows all day.  

Screen Shot 2019-11-28 at 18.03.27


I was in many minds about using my transfer this week. In one sense I wanted to get a defensive player from Liverpool due to their run of favourable fixtures. I then thought ahead of their blank fixture ahead and I don’t really want to transfer out my Liverpool players; Arnold or Mane in that Game week. The alternative was to work on my bench. Sako has been dropped since the return of Lacazette so I looked for a cheapie attacking midfielder to replace him with coupled with a run of good fixtures.  

Inbound Traore from Wolves. Only 5.2 I anticipate a possible price rise. He has accumulated good points and the fixtures ahead look like he could get some points whilst improving my bench for when Liverpool blank in Game week 18.  

Wolves next 3 fixtures  

  • Sheffield United  
  • West Ham 
  • Brighton  

In completing this post there has been an injury to Abraham whilst Chelsea played Valencia in the Europa League. Thinking ahead I may need to replace him even though Abraham has played down the seriousness of his injury.  

Mason Greenwood has been put as my first sub as I expect Abraham to miss this game week due to injury. The guy scores, apparently wrong attitude but OGS should start him ahead of Mata at east…


Been a tough choice between Mane and Vardy. I’m going for Vardy this week due to form and the return of Salah.  

The Team 

Screen Shot 2019-11-28 at 18.17.59