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A green outlook

A green outlook

The recent prohibition reforms across the pond have led me to believe that the UK is close to also following the same suite. From the UK bumming America on the Iraq and Afghanistan wars I can also see us adopting pressures from the ever growing pharmaceutical firms waiting to cash in on huge profits. Cannabis is a big business and I think America see that now. The advantages of waging a war on a plant that can be grown from the ground up and has a minimal social impact in comparison to a bottle of 45s are next to none. There are some that believe it causes mental health problems, yes but so does divorces. There are some that believe it’s the gateway drug… well I believe candy is the gateway to obesity. Cannabis being legalized in Washington DC caught my attention the most. From a tourist point of view I also hope Florida can get high in peace soon too. But yeah back to the Capital where Snoop Dogg can smoke a blunt in the white house with no consequences. This is the capital of the United States so it’s a HUGE step in the movement to end prohibition. The capital of the major influence in the western world is the biggest indication that the UK will reform the drug laws. Going back to politics I do think this will happen when Labour get back into power. I feel Labour will adopt a more open minded outlook and also naturally bum of the states anyway. For the first time in a long long time I am genuinely pleased with the work the Obama administration has done to take steps in ending the war on cannabis. In the meantime this just ever expands our areas of stress free pot smoking and also plants the seeds to reshaping the negative outlook society has on cannabis, which for me is the biggest win. Charlo Green I salute you.

The generally feeling in America.

The generally feeling in America.

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Barcelona is like Amsterdam with sun…  it’s also like Amsterdam without the abundance of ‘weed tourists’. The clubs in Barcelona feel ‘exclusive’ and ‘underground’. The vibe isn’t like any coffee shop experience I have had at Amsterdam in recent years. It really is good stuff and the dank out there is pretty top notch. I spent 5 days in the city and it took approximately 5 minutes within my time in La Ramblas to find a dealer who escorted us to a nearby cannabis club.

Cocaine is something I didn't experience.

Cocaine is something I didn’t experience.

Me and my mate were taken through the eerie alley ways of old pre civil war damaged buildings. The setting reminded me constantly of the video game ‘Uncharted’. It was beautiful for those who can make the comparison or for those who can just appreciate beautiful architecture. Our really timed well ‘guide’ took us to a place called Kush ACCB. Honestly, at this point we didn’t know what to expect and I was pretty excitingly nervous. We were buzzed into the building through two large metal doors. There was a bouncer and we were escorted to the counter where the first beautiful lady of the establishment took our details and ID’s. I had a brief moment to inspect my surroundings while waiting, the walls were filled with pictures of cannabis and also details of membership terms and costs. The deal was that it was 20 euros for a two year membership into the club. No strings attached… and at this point I was thinking hey this place is cool but I bet beyond the next door its a dumb with over priced weed. Boy was I wrong… and boy did I come on the right now to the right place on the eve of my 25th birthday. As it was my birthday it was policy that I be gifted with a bottle of champagne and also a free gram of weed. Just so you know I found this all out AFTER I entered the next set of doors.

As we entered we found ourselves confronted with a bar and beautiful staff #2 and #3 ( this place is staffed like the Hooters of coffee shops ). I expected an Amsterdam feel where I could buy the weed at the main counter but I was quickly directed to another room within the building where the dank was sold. As I entered I saw the menu as recognisable with what I am accustomed to in Amsterdam. The guy behind the counter was quiet hostile towards me, he asked for my ID again and I can only assume this was the first feel I got from the establishment that I was just another ‘stoner tourist’ looking to take the weed to the streets and gather unwanted attention from authorities. After I got over his dirty looks I focused my attention at the menu. There wasn’t much to focus on though.. There were 5 different Indica strains but no Sativa strains as I was informed they had run out. This left me disappointed but the prices were reasonable enough. A gram of each ranged from 7-12 euros. I picked up some OG Kush and White Widow. This is when I discovered I was eligible to the birthday treat I mentioned early so I do recommend attending Kush ACCB on your birthday!

The weed itself was excellent; I was high and in my zone within seconds. The environment itself added to the exuberant experience I had on my first night at Kush ACCB and in the city of Barcelona itself. There was adequate paraphernalia everywhere. From bongs, papers, shishas and pipes everyone was catered for. There were even vape tools for people rich enough to buy wax ( that should be included in the birthday treat! ). The place was pretty rammed as well but seating was well catered for with tables upfront and wall sofas surrounding the lower ground floor. The music was brilliant; you heard all the west coast classics along with great contemporary music from stoner artists like currency, wiz khalifa and the timeless snoop dogg (fuck lion). There was a huge projector playing irrelevant music videos that weren’t corresponding to the music being place which was annoying at first but a complete mind fuck within 15 minutes of sitting in the THC infused environment.

Smoking dope and playing chess was a mind fuck.

Smoking dope and playing chess was a mind fuck.

When high you want something to do OR you can chill and mong out. Kush ACCB ticked the following boxes in forms of keeping ones mind occupied;

  • PlayStation 4 set up with FIFA 2014. I must add on this point that I single handily destroyed every opponent that challenged me… mayne.
  • Paraphernalia to pass out. Kush had many bongs, pipes and all the utensils to smoke a perfect joint. They even stocked swisher sweets !
  • Chess Board (which I also owned on), dominoes and various other board games.
  • Hot staff
  • .. hot staff
  • Alcohol and of course a variety of caffeine.
  • Cannabis edibles including the coconut cannabis cooking, which I did try and it was delicious.

As you can tell from above you would find it very hard to be bored in this place and if not careful can risk missing out on all the sunshine in Spain. I would no way encourage anyone to spend their whole time in Barcelona at Kush. Enjoy the sun and what else the city has to offer… but it is a perfect pit stop and a place to entertain friends at night. It’s also a perfect place to just pick up some dope.

I’m not going to sit here and lie to you.. I did smoke a lot of cannabis outside of the clubs. I smoked on the beach the majority of the time and faced no hassle. Obviously I carried my stoner manners with me abroad and avoided smoking near families with children. I received no bother with my methods while it was obvious to passersby that I was smoking the dank I received no dirty or awkward looks. To any stoners here travelling abroad I do strongly suggest doing some research on the tolerance towards marijuana because I know in China you can face life imprisonment or even worse… death.

Not as good as Amsterdam's edibles but still tasty :)

Not as good as Amsterdam’s edibles but still tasty 🙂

I published this post pretty late, I did travel to Barcelona in May and now it’s… well its September lol. Since then I’ve come across various other clubs that are in Barcelona including one hosted by the guys at green house seeds! I plan to go explore more in dept as honestly I feel I just got a small taste of the cannabis culture in Barcelona.

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Catalonia’s Cannabis Clubs

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Oxymoron quick album sketch.











Album is a banger.

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Stoned illustrations.

When I’m high I do like to draw. I have been drawing (Hobby) since I was around 5 years young. On and off of course my evolution of drawing started with football players. I still remember my first proper drawing to be of Dennis Bergkamp, (The dutch football legend) the Arsenal legend. I then had periods of drawing Dragon Ball Z characters in secondary school to drawing beautiful women on the textbooks of my Sixth form classes. 

Drawing is a avenue where I vent my frustration. It allows me to take my mind off things and concentrate on perfecting a image. Coupled with being high this combination is very therapeutic to me. I will start posting drawings that ain’t too embarrassingly shit on my blog for me to share. I also created a Deviant Art account today, you can find me at – 


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Amsterdam – The Coffee Shops


Amsterdam – The Coffee Shops

So having just flew back from Amsterdam I must say that the past four days have been my most constructive and enjoyable experience out of my now 5 visits to my favourite city in Europe. This time round I did some studying into what Coffee shops to visit. There is a few that were highly recommended to me and for sure this time round I wanted to be getting lean in these joints (no pun).


Baba was sketched on my list wayyyy before I planned to visit Amsterdam this time. This was the first Coffee shop I popped into and coincidently stumbled upon it by accident at Warmoesstraat. Placed on the corner of the street the coffee shop itself isn’t that big. Upon entering the decor catches my eye straight away. The walls were garnished in an Indian theme with sculptures of Hindu gods placed around the shop. The centre piece wall has a giant model of the Hindu elephant god “Ganesha”. You can barely breathe inside, the area is smoked out as expected but the lighting isn’t too dark to get lost in the mist of smoke. You can really appreciate the beautifully decorated interior. I was instantly impressed before I even got to the bud menu. I ordered a gram of Jack Herrer alongside a gram of Big Buddha Cheese. I took a seat and modelled to the slow jazzy music blissfully interrupted by smooth hip hop beats. The bud menu here is superb even though I smoked two strains from the 10 plus strong menu. I am far from a expert strain taster but the Jack Herrer was smooth as hell. The first joint of Amsterdam and dam did it feel good to be back. The coffee shop itself tends to consumer needs for paraphernalia.  Water bongs are everywhere (although I do not personally recommend for hygiene reasons), and roaches/papers are not hard to come across. Grinders are a issue, but this is the issue across coffee shops due to thieves! Or I should say stoners forget to return stuff… Mixed tobacco (again something I wouldn’t recommend using) is also available here so you know the place is open to tobacco mixers. Overall the painted walls, mixed in with great music and friendly staff are just great additions to the chilled out vibe and great bud at Baba. Ganesha is the god of success and he certainly stands pivotal in the centre of this must visit coffee shop.



I was expecting more from Kadinsky to be honest. The great thing about my visit was that it was empty and we got a seat. I could not imagine smoking in there if it was busier as it is a extremely small coffee shop. Okay not THAT small but in comparison to others I’ve been to it is definitely the smallest coffee shop I have visited in Amsterdam.  They say size doesn’t matter though! The weed here was good, I don’t know if the session in Baba had me overly high but I smoked on some Maui Haze here. It was a really smooth smoke and I think some chilled music would have done the trick but the coffee shop was playing heavy rock instead. That was another downer… the song selection wasn’t the best. Didn’t spend much time here tbh and the overall experience wasn’t that great. Maybe I should have tried some different weed because I have read good reviews about this place. I just didn’t experience it.




Great experience in Barney’s! Terrific customer service, terrific menu, terrific gift shop but could not find a grinder for hell in the place! I assume this is a hot spot for grinder thieves.  I really did enjoy my experience here and was quiet excited to get my hands on Tangerine Dream. This was one of the nugs I wanted to bless my lungs with prior to this visit to dam. I heard great things and boy was I not let down. The tangerine hit me like a train travelling through the clouds and boy was in the clouds too. The staff were really laid back and friendly too. Maybe overly friendly as I got hit on by one of the staff 😉 It was really quiet too, but I think we were lucky as I can see this place being really popular in the evenings. Definitely recommend the place to anyone visiting Amsterdam. You won’t be disappointed and don’t leave without burning the tangerine dream!




I swear to god Amsterdam has two Abraxas coffee shops? We saw two but visited one. It was indeed a good visit. The dank I smoked here was Apple Jack, they were generous with the bud and I managed to pick up 2.5 grams for 14 euros! It was a good smoke and the place itself was like a indoor tree house/ bird house lol. Seriously though! I sat upstairs and felt like I was in a bird cage… or maybe apple jack does that to one’s mind. I’m not sure I went to the right one though; I hope I did but nevertheless the place got me researching on what an Abraxas is. Loads of bird pictures everywhere… these aren’t any normal birds though. These are some warrior god birds.  Ever in Amsterdam, check this place out. It attracts stoner girls for some reason and toking up whilst watching a cute chick rolling a fat blunt is visually second to none.

abraxas too4

 Grey Area

I think the Grey Area is for the younger generation. The place is quiet swanky and I even got a free lighter with the Kosher Kush i picked up from here. We didn’t smoke up here as it was busy and there was no seats L. I would have loved to have stayed and blessed the walls with a message on a rolling paper. Something I think is unique about the place where customers can stick messages on rolling papers on the walls. A nice touch. The Kosher Kush though… my god. Best strain I have ever smoked hands down. I wish I lived in Amsterdam for this bud. I wish my dealer had this herb on tap. I can’t explain the high in words. Just.Go.And.Smoke.It. The grey area is a sure visit for anyone just for the Kosher Kush. Rated Highly at Cannabis Cup 2013 and I can see why it got such recognition.



This place is so chilled out! And the Amnesia I smoked here god dayyum! There are two types of Amnesia you can buy at Siberie; the mild and the strong amnesia. The latter is what I bought and it was by far the most powerful hit of cannabis I have ever taken in my life. Hit after hit had me slumped in my new cool surroundings. Siberie boasts an extremely chilled out atmosphere with deep soulful house and jazz playing in the background. It has a extremely atmosphere you can feel this comes directly from the weed people are smoking in this joint. Free wifi can’t go wrong; the coffee shop is filled from iPad users to book readers enjoying a coffee and joint after a long days work. Being in Siberie really highlights the cultural differences Amsterdam enjoys over the world. Its so acceptable in their society its a beautiful thing to sit back and experience. Siberie is definitely a place I could see myself a lot in if I lived in Amsterdam. A cool place hidden away from the busy streets of Dam Square; Siberie was my pick of the bunch out of all coffee shops I visited on my latest trip to Amsterdam.


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Cannabis U-Turn

Cannabis U-Turn

So I wake up as usual this morning, 5am and make my journey to work. It’s cold and miserable but I have a joint rolled and also hit a bowl for the good ole wake and bake before my set off for my day.

I get on my train from Euston and see the usual Metro newspapers stacked for the morning commuters at the station.  I skim through and on page 14-15 a double page spread fills my head with rage. Here’s what I saw…

uturn article

I don’t know how many stoners are aware but last week the Metro headlined Gemma Moss a mother who died of ‘Cannabis poisoning” which caused cardiac arrest to her heart which eventually failed and she unfortunately passed. I have a earlier blog post here:

The spread covers some professionals commenting on the article released early last week. All of course disagree and this in turn began to change my mood during the day. Initially I was upset that the Metro did not place this on their front page… but why would they? Real news doesn’t sell and I should already know this! The second thing that really got on my tits was the fact that the front page headline on today’s Metro was…

front page metro

“Kick the can or kick the bucket?” .. Are these guys at metro really serious? So last week it was Cannabis kills the first woman in Britain and today is a can of coke can kill you. Now even though the latter does sound more realistic it seems that Metro are experts at publishing health scares. It’s really contradicting and ultimately embarrassing to anyone following what they are publishing. This guy .. Aiden Radnedge who is reporting this crap is one minute a pro expert at the risks of cannabis (none) and now the risks of a can of coke (none). Why can’t he understand the simple human psychology of abuse of ANY substance is detrimental to one’s health? Whether that is mental or physical it starts with the psyche and to be quiet frank these health scares prey on addictive personalities.

As the day went on and the more I thought about it I did see the positives. I saw a post from LCC (London Cannabis Club) on Facebook when the initial story was published about Gemma. They encouraged all stoners to complain to the Metro and I’d like to think they did take notice and therefore published the spread found in today’s paper (page 14-15 just in case you are baked and forgot!).  If the voice of the cannabis community was heard then this can only be positive and also the backing of professions quoted seems more legitimate then a coroner who most probably has his own agenda towards anti-drugs.

I personally trust the media as much as I trust British weather but I do appreciate anyone who looks deeper then the headlines and goes to lengths to self educate them selves on a blatent UK campaign against drugs. I mean Seymour Hoffman had something like 7 bags of heroin and was found with a injection in his arm in just his pants… where is this on the front pages? Instead there is sympathy attached to Heroin addiction whereas a week ago Cannabis was being blamed for poisoning, causing cardiac arrest and being the ‘weakness’ to a devout Christian in Gemma.

Stoners share blunts not injections!

Read today’s Metro online here:

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Did Cannabis Kill Gemma Moss?


Did Cannabis Kill Gemma Moss?

I received a link from a friend over Skype early yesterday afternoon. The link was from the Daily Mail and even before clicking on it i knew the legitimacy of the article was in question from the get go due to the source.

So I clicked on the link and the headline read;


The headline was eye catching to say the least, as it is with this website, drawing readers in with ridiculous headlines like “Crocodile eats mans arm and shits out a baby koala bear”. So yeah over the 4,000 years of recorded cannabis use Gemma Moss becomes the first woman in “Britain” to “die” of cannabis poisoning. The first questions that popped into my head were “What cannabis was she smoking because cannabis being poisonous is new news to me!”.

Cannabis of course is not poisonous and the article goes on to tie text book newspaper sorcery to state that the cannabis was a trigger to cardiac arrest this poor lady suffered fatally. Now the coroner links the abnormality in the heart due to cannabis causing a increased heart rate. Yes indeed it does but looking at the usage Gemma took (half a joint a night to help her with insomnia) and also the fact that millions of stoners around the world are not suffering from fatal heart attacks from the direct consumption of cannabis, then it is clear to say that this woman clearly had a weak heart IF it was the mere half a joint she smoked that night. Just for the record it was probably a spliff and i would more than likely point the blame at the tobacco she used in the spliff.

It is tragic that this woman has died but it is even more tragic that she was denied a accurate coroner’s report. Instead she is being used by the media as a poster to prohibition and anti cannabis groups. The thing that annoys me the most about the article is the highlight of Gemma being a devout Christian. This to me is a insult to not only her faith but also imaging the idea that cannabis had corrupted her in a religious sense and ultimately cost Gemma her life.

The way I see it Gemma was using cannabis to help her tackle insomnia and also anxiety from a recent relationship breakdown.

I would like to take the opportunity to send my condolences to Gemma’s family but also make aware to anyone reading this that they should not be fooled by the medias propaganda taken straight out of the “Reefer Madness” manual to destroy the image of cannabis especially at the time the world is taking big strides for the end of prohibition.

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How Cannabis can benefit the UK.


How Cannabis can benefit the UK.

September 28th 1928 is the date Cannabis first became illegal in the UK and since then the law has never looked back.  This however has not made it the most widely used illegal substance in the UK. 6.9% of the population of Britain between the ages of 16-59 year olds used cannabis. As you can see Mary Jane is extremely popular round here. Ongoing changes to prohibition in the US have led me to explore the obvious and not so obvious benefits of Cannabis in the UK (I may include disadvantages if any). This is clearly an envious entry to all the cross Atlantic stoners!


Crime –


The sale of cannabis is nearly entirely bought from various drug gangs in the UK. A small percentage of stoners actually grow their own produce OR buy from a friend who grows a dank batch. I strongly feel that cannabis is used as a tool to get young people onto the police database. Section 7 was created as a gateway to monitoring people who are just caught for having a joint or even in more silly cases caught with 0.2 grams of dust on them. There is no hiding from the fact that cannabis intervention from the police is mainly wasted on handing out fines and warnings to harmless stoners. The real harm comes from drug dealers who really just supply cannabis as a side dish to harder drugs such as cocaine for the come down. Stoners are NOT criminals, they do not think in criminal ways and I personally get extremely offended if someone asks me to sell them my weed. I am not a drug dealer just because I smoke on the good shit. Plain and simple legalizing cannabis will eliminate the product from drug dealers and also allow honest consumers to buy from a safe environment and also not be prosecuted from the only law where u get in trouble for breaking when you are actually hurting no one! There are no safeguards currently in place for the sale of cannabis, saying that if the plant was regulated it would be much harder for your 11 year old child to purchase cannabis over the counter.

Money –


There’s no doubt that the legalization of cannabis sale in the UK would reap huge profits in tax for the government. Now I have contemplated where this money would end up and my two cents are the NHS and the usual government money wasted on its stupid foreign policy. Now I do not condemn the killing through funding of innocent civilians but not legalizing cannabis wont change that. I think money will go heavily into the NHS as I believe after a while cannabis will be slated just how cigarettes are, albeit it may take a bit longer as cigarettes have much more grave outcomes if you get my drift…

Money would also be saved for pot heads who are ripped off in the illegal market. I personally buy in bulk purely for the fact that I do not agree on paying £20 for a bag weighed at 1.4 without the baggies weight if you are lucky. Drug dealers are making millions of pounds a year from the cultivation and sale of cannabis so the government really need to see what’s in front of them and see that this money should go back into the British economy.

I’d also like to add that legalization would also create thousands of jobs. Cannabis is a huge industry and given the levels of employment in the UK and the government blaming some of this to the “laziness” caused by cannabis… let stoners work with the thing they love, pot!


Medicinal cannabis

Cannabis has been branded as a substance that causes lung cancer, mental health problems and heart problems. ALL LIES! Given the fact that there has not been a single recorded death purely on the intake of cannabis in over 4,000 years of its recorded use. I think the general misunderstanding with the health links is the way cannabis is used. With the link between cancer I see the link coming from putting tobacco in spliffs. This is very common in the UK and I feel creates the relationship between cancer and cannabis. I also feel it brings the addiction element attached to cannabis because for a fact nicotine IS highly addictive. Cannabis has been used in the states to treat cancer patients. Patients who go through chemo are administered the drug to help with appetite, sleep and pain relief. Quite the opposite of claims eh.

There has also been studies that Cannabis increases the chances of depression and schizophrenia. I think Cannabis can take an affect on these mental health diagnosis BUT it is not the cause of them. That is the question people fail to recognise… the cause and that cause certainly wasn’t cannabis. Cannabis is not there to solve your mental health problems and should not therefore be used to. However cannabis does not fundamental cause mental health issues, in fact many users say that they use Cannabis to directly counter depression as it makes them calm and helps them sleep at night. Legalizing cannabis would offer medicinal value to patients suffering from: –

  • Nausea and vomiting.
  • Eating disorder/lack of appetite.
  • Sufferers of chronic pain.
  • Insomnia
  • Muscle tensions and spasms.

These health issues are targets by doctors in the US who allow medical marijuana to be prescribed and used by patients.  There are also recent studies to show that cannabis can have further positive effects on other health issues such as epilepsy and bi polar diagnosis’s.

Last year and even the beginnings of this year have seen great strides to end prohibition around the world. It is worrying that UK politicians have had little to say on the matter of reforming the class B status cannabis holds to legalizing and profiting from the obvious and endless positive possibilities the sacred plant holds.

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Music & Marijuana


Marijuana’s influence in music has always interested me. I have grown up listening to Hip Hop and RnB where cannabis reference and usage is rife. Listening to West Coast rappers such as Dr Dre, Ice Cube and Snoop Dogg introduced me to marijuana in the mid nighties (when I was just 8 years old). I didn’t take much notice of it then until the past few years where I have found myself asking questions like; “Is music and marijuana ingredients for great tunes”, “Do artists rely on the effects of marijuana to make music?”, and “To what extent has music influenced my use of the sacred herb”. 

Before typing this blog entry I done a bit of reading around the origins of marijuana in music. Of course the plant was used by Indians, Africans in tribes when orchestrating tribal chants. I was more into looking at how cannabis was introduced to main stream western music. Whilst reading various articles I was soon made aware that Mary Jane’s first love with music was with Jazz. I actually find this quiet ironic to the sense where I only started listening to Jazz a few months ago and it was whilst at a friends house having a session where my ears appreciated the sound of Jazz. I was pretty stoned that night and its safe to say that I found the music more in touch with my senses. Prior to that I honestly had no time for Jazz.

I am not a musician, but as I fan I can say listening to music stoned does sound better. I feel that as time feels slowed down my mind has more time to break down the architecture of a track. Sounds of instruments I may have missed in normal state become louder and more apparent. At times it does feel as if I am listening to a new song whilst stoned. If I could present a single comparison to musicians that do get stoned to make music I could say that I do get stoned when I am writing or pretty much doing anything I feel being stoned could improve the experience. This ranges from watching movies to playing GTA V, but in use with my creative output I do feel whilst stoned I can express my views and ideas more expansively. I am able to focus more on singular thoughts and I feel I can put more of my mental energy into them whereas in a normal state I feel my mind juggling numerous thoughts at a single time.

It is a fact that cannabis is rife within the modern day music industry. I can talk particularly on hip hop and figures such as Snoop Dogg, Method Man, Redman, and more recent out spoken tokers such as Wiz Khalifa, scHoolboy Q and even Justin Bieber has become a celebrity stoner. These artists incorporate cannabis in their careers in different ways. For example I read a interview on scHoolboy Q where he says that he has never wrote a lyric while not being stoned. This begs the question would he be scHoolboy if weed wasn’t there? I think not. This to me is a sign of a musician that requires the herb to make the music he is renowned for. He really needs to make a track while sober so we can really tell the difference. In my opinion there are also artists that ride on the image portrayed with cannabis to create a larger fan base and maybe loosing some of their own in the process. Justin Bieber to me is a prime example of this type of ‘stoner celeb’. Firstly I do not rate my opinion of his actions with cannabis. The guy draws unwanted attention towards the already socially stigmatized plant. His exuberant selfies to smoking out a car in America only to open the doors to a cloud of smoke and his entourage of bum fluff Disney rejects to eject themselves from the vehicle in a mist of imagery greenery. I do not rate.

Justin Bieber drawing attention.

Justin Bieber drawing attention.

On a end note I must say that whether you smoke weed while listening to music or to create music its all good. Many may argue that the herb makes no difference whatsoever but I think it does. State of mind plays an important part when taking any substance. If you and your mind believe that cannabis does heighten creativity or experience then it will. There is a reason behind the saying “mind over matter” and this is concurrent within the consumption of cannabis too.

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